Enjoying Life.  A Note from Carl.
I founded this company (that’s me in the upper left picture) because I was ready for something fun.  I mean really fun.  
As an entrepreneur, with an MBA from The Wharton School, I have founded countless companies. None were as fun as this is about to be! 
My first visit to Key West was as a Naval Aviator, flying the A-6E Intruder.  We landed at the Navy Base in 1991 for jet fuel.  It was Fantasy Fest Week.  The stars were already starting to align.
Since that day I have journeyed  to over 50 countries and published a book, "Portraits of Our World" to build schools in Africa. 

Even with all the places I have seen, The Florida Keys keep drawing me back. 

Not Taking Things Too Seriously.
What we are doing is embracing a lifestyle and having fun while trying to make a living. That’s what led Al (the big guy with the girls) to tell me he was joining the team as employee #1. Glad I agreed, he’s a lot bigger than me!
My attraction to big, bold and fun endeavors has seen me land on aircraft carriers, run with the bulls in Pamplona, jump from the world’s highest bungee jump in South Africa, and become an Ultra-Marathon runner. It seems fitting that designing and selling bikinis is the next great adventure.
Join me and we’ll have fun building this together!