Words from our customers.
"Hey, I need to give props to Conch Republic Bikinis for their great customer service.  I ordered 2 bikinis( no Zipperkinis, btw!) which were delivered free within 2 business days of my order.  One piece of each bikini didn't fit so I needed to exchange them.  Return shipping is also free and ridiculously easy.  AND my replacements were already shipped to me BEFORE they received my returns!"
"Their bikinis are a bit pricey compared to others in the "micro" category, but I was able to ask questions regarding style and sizing and received quick & helpful responses, they are nice quality and with service like this built into the price is absolutely money well-spent.  Companies with service like this are few and far between.  I hope they're rewarded with great success.  Kudos!!" - Kristine, NC
We treat everyone as friends.
"I certainly want to thank you for all of your help ans wish you luck in your business.  If you continue to treat all like you have treated us, you will be very successful!" - Tony, IL
We are not perfect, and we do make mistakes but you have our word that we will always endeavor to make you happy and treat you with a big helping of friendliness.